The San Francisco Museum of Performance and Design

The founder of the S.F. Museum of Performance and Design, Russell Hartley, collected a wealth of items related to Isadora Duncan. The finding file for the Duncan collection will soon be hosted on the Dance Heritage Coalition web site. With the permission of the museum, we share the following photos, programs and news clippings of interest:


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Margot, Lisa, and Anna


Thumbnail Title Featuring Company Date Location
Second American Tour Irma Duncan Isadora Duncan Dancers
Lisa Duncan Paris
Isadora Duncan Nov 25, 1917 Columbia Theatre, San Francisco
Isadorables Dec 28, 1919 Columbia Theatre, San Francisco
Maria-Theresa Duncan Heritage Group Feb 24, 1979 New York, New York


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Drawing of Isadora by Jules Grandjouan

News Clippings

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Interview with Mignon Garland
Miss Duncan Triumphs in Homecoming at Columbia, Nov. 26, 1917 review
Newspaper ad for My Life