Creating a dancer profile

Please read the following carefully before contacting us to create a dancer profile in the Dancer Directory on the Isadora Duncan Archive:

This is a directory of international Isadora Duncan dancers, including Isadora and previous generations, as well as Duncan dancers today.

The Dancer Directory on the Isadora Duncan Archive is open to all individuals who consider themselves a “Duncan dancer.” We encourage people who opt to include themselves in this directory to have studied the technique for a considerable amount of time, and to have worked closely with Duncan dance master teachers. Additionally, while not a requirement, many in this directory have contributed or continue to focus a significant portion of their dance work, both artistic and scholarly, within the art of Duncan dance. The designation of oneself as a “Duncan dancer” is a largely personal one, rooted in the sense of one’s own dance practice and identity.

Living Contributors

Dancer profiles for all living Duncan dancers have been provided by those Duncan dancers themselves, and are entirely self-generated and self-selected.

The materials, content and information found on the dancer profiles of living Duncan dancers belong to those Duncan dancers. They hold the copyright and ownership of all the content on their own pages, and as such changes, suggestions, disputes or challenges to information on the dancer profiles of living Duncan dancers will not be accepted.

Duncan dancers who create their own dancer profiles have access to that page through the username/password created in this process, and are entirely responsible for the content of their own profiles, including content updates and changes.

Prior Generations

Dancer profiles for Duncan dancers of earlier generations who have passed away have been generated by The Isadora Duncan Archive Committee members who were students of those Duncan dancers and/or scholars familiar with their work.

The Isadora Duncan Archive Committee will accept suggestions, clarifications and amendments to dancer profiles for Duncan dancers who have passed away.

Public Disclaimer

Any information entered in the dancer profile form will be and can be visible to the public. Duncan dancers submitting information to the dancer profile should not include anything that they do not want seen by the public.

Administrative Edits

The Isadora Duncan Archive Committee may make administrative edits to dancer profiles. Examples of such edits may include correcting formatting issues in the biography, linking items from elsewhere in the archive to the dancer’s profile, and adding information to the appropriate fields of the profile if they are mentioned in the dancer’s biography.

If you agree to these conditions, please contact us for the invitation link to create an account. Please feel free to browse other entries before creating your own.

We look forward to having your profile included in the Dancer Directory on the Isadora Duncan Archive!