Press clipping with Anna, Lisa, and Margot
From the Collection of Janaea Rose Lyn

The vast number of writings, photographs, art work, films and web resources posted here attest to the legacy of Isadora Duncan. The References section found here offers written documents and publications written by Isadora Duncan herself, as well as biographers writing about her. Books written in non-English languages are listed as well, both translations and original works in that language. When possible, links to the publications are included.

The References section also provides lists of dissertations and theses publications, articles, book excerpts (chapters on Isadora Duncan that may appear in a larger anthology or book), books that focus on the art and photography of Isadora Duncan as subject matter, as well as other website resources.

The References section, in addition to being a testament of Isadora’s prolific influence on dance, art and society, also provide an extensive resource for researching the work and information that is available.

If you know a reference missing from our lists, please send the information to the Isadora Duncan Archive Committee.

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