The Isadora Duncan Archive Collection


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The Columbia Theatre, San Francisco
Plaque marking birthplace of Isadora Duncan
Hortense Kooluris Photos


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Maria Theresa Program Isadora Duncan International Institute Nov 17, 1981 YMCA, New York, NY
Isadora Duncan in the 21st Century Jan 20, 2017 New York, New York


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Moscow Times article on Sima Leake
Dance Magazine, Vol. 51, October 1977, pp. 79-81
SDHS Proceedings 1987, Margaretta K. Mitchell article
SDHS Proceedings 1987, June Layson article
SDHS Proceedings 1987, Nancy de Wilde article
SDHS Proceedings 1987, Lillian Lowenthal article
"The Spirit of Isadora Duncan" by Maria-Theresa
Dance Perspectives 64, vol. 16, 1975
The Classroom Technique of the I.D. School of Dancing


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SDHS Conference Schedule 1987


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Performance of Julia Levien's Students
Madeleine Lytton Obituary, Dancing Times
Ticket to Raymond Duncan Benefit Event
Ligoa Duncan Obituary