The Collection of Paul-James Dwyer

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(1) The Lillian LOEWENTHAL Collection, York University, Scott Libraries, Special Collections, Toronto Canada:
Lillian LOEWENTHAL's archive contains her extensive research done in France, Holland and England on the art and life of Isadora DUNCAN, during numerous trips to Europe during the sixties, seventies and eighties. She focused on press morgue photos, articles, interviews. She also interviewed people who had direct contact with Isadora and people who worked in theatre in Paris especially. Ms. Loewenthal also included materials she had collected from 1929 when she saw the Isadora Duncan Dancers from Moscow in NYC as a girl at the age of eleven years. Ms. LOEWENTHAL along with her husband were collectors and dealers of books and DUNCAN memorabilia. Some of these items were part of the archive when it came to York University.

(2) dance OREMUS danse Collection, Combermere, Ontario:
This collection has concentrated on archiving 2nd & 3rd generation DUNCAN Dancers, along with an extensive collection of books on DUNCAN, programs of her career and those that followed in her art down to our own day. It also included some original materials: photos, manuscripts, programs, a collection of dance magazines published in the USA from 1929-1977 on DUNCAN.

(3) dance OREMUS danse Paul-James DWYER Fonds,York University, Scott Libraries, Special Collections, Toronto, Ontario:
This is an extensive collection of videos and programs on P.-J. DWYER, DUNCAN Dancers (USA, Japan) that were presented in Toronto by dance OREMUS danse, materials on The Lady Madeleine LYTTON (pupil of Lisa DUNCAN), dance OREMUS danse company records over the course of three decades, and donated materials on the Isadora DUNCAN School of Dance. P-J DWYER also acted as agent in selling York University numerous materials and books based on DUNCAN and her art. These materials appear as part of the York University Scott Libraries' own collections.