MaryBeth Hraniotis

MaryBeth Hraniotis is a professional dancer, educator and healing artist. She is a 3rd generation Duncan dancer in the lineage from Isadora via Maria Theresa Duncan and 4th generation from Anna & Irma Duncan (Isadora’s pupils & adopted daughters) directly from Jeanne Bresciani Ph.D. at the Isadora Duncan International Institute, Inc. Her combination of the Arts, Sciences and Humanities is culled from 20 + years working in these respected fields. She holds multiple degrees and certifications choosing programs that provided individual mentoring from master teachers across varied disciplines in Dance, The AlexanderTechnique, Education, Reiki Energy Balancing, and Clinical Aromatherapy. She specializes in transformational healing through program development, certification programs, integrates Caring Arts Modalities into mainstream healthcare systems, provides residencies and lectures Internationally and within the U.S. MaryBeth has written grants and been funded for Arts in Communities and Performance from local and state funding agencies. She is a founding member and currently serves on the board for H.E.A.R.T. Inc. a 501c3 multidisciplinary arts & wellness organization in Orange County NY. and maintains a lively practice as the director of The Meadow Dance & Integral Healing Arts Center in Montgomery NY.

Photo credit: Marty Wingster
Photo credit Marty Wingster
Photo credit Marty Wingster


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