Márk Fenyves

FENYVES MÁRK, Photo credit: MEGGYESI Mónika 2014

FENYVES Márk (1973-2018)
(student of DIENES Gedeon (1914-2005) - who was a student of Raymond Duncan 1921-1922, and DIENES Valéria (1879-1978, she was also a student of Raymond Duncan 1912, 1921-1922))
President of Orkesztika Alapítvány

Artist of art of movement, orchestes, choreographer, dancer, teacher, researcher, theorist, organiser, performer, visual artist. Textil Designer artist MA (MOME 1998), Kinetologist (MMKE-SOTE 1997), Modern dance pedagoge BA (Hungarian Dance Academy 2006), Modern dance pedagoge MA (Hungarian Dance Academy 2015).

Prominent representative of the Hungarian MOZDULATMŰVÉSZET /mozdulatmyːveːsɛt/ (art of movement) which is Modern Dance Hungaricum with a more than 100 years old tradition. During his studies in fine arts he started to dance influenced by ECK Imre (Pécsi Balett – first Hungarian modern ballet company, UHRIK Dóra).His masters were, holders of the Hungarian dance traditions Dr. DIENES Gedeon, BERCZIK Sára, KÁRMÁN Judit, E. KOVÁCS Éva, SZÖLLŐSI Ánes. He danced in his own company MAGYAR MOZDULATMŰVÉSZETI TÁRSULAT (Hungarian Art of Movement Company, earlier Még 1 Mozdulatszínház) and Dekadance, GOLD Bea, Orkesztika Mozdulatszínház, Central European Dance Theatre, HORVÁTH Csaba, MÁNDY Ildikó Company, National Dance Theatre, National Theatre, BALÁZS Mari - ex-Dreamteam, Feledi Projekt produktions.

He refounded Duncan-Dienes Orkesztika School (1997, with DIENES Gedeon), MOHA - Mozdulatművészek Háza (1997, House of art of movement, earlier Art of Movement Studio), Magyar Mozdulatművészeti Társulat (1995) to protect and develop the Hungarian art of movement with PÁLOSI István .
He was the president of the Orkesztika Alapítvány (Foundation), and the artistic director of the SzólóDuó International Dance Festival.

Besides of the artistic activity in the last decade, he worked as a dance theorist, editor of cyclopedias, essayist, historical and theoretical researcher, lecturer etc., in several pedagogical, artistic and professional programs of different institutes. Director of the Mozdulatművészeti Gyűjtemény (Art-of-Movement Collection - dance collection, archives, library, videoarchives, since 1912). Curator of the DIENES Valéria’s heritage (she was a first Hungarian modern dancer and theorist, student of Raymond DUNCAN). Jury member of many Hungarian and international dance competition. During his last years (1997-2018) he was an active member of associations of Hungarian dance field.

He was a specialist of the modern dance or dance modernity (theory, history, pedagogy and practice). Developer and master of ORKESZTIKA - Movement analyzing system of DIENES Valéria.

FENYVES MÁRK, Photo credit: BADACSONYI Ferenc 2014
FENYVES MÁRK, Photo credit: GABE 2014


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