Birgit Pittig

Birgit Pittig

Dancer and practitioner in dance education

Birgit Pittig studied Duncan Dance more than15 years in the Elisabeth Duncan School. Her main teacher was Hannelore Schick. Hannelore danced as a child in the Elisabeth Duncan School and was a student of Gertrud Drück, first the assistant and later the Co-worker in the Elisabeth Duncan School. Birgit finished her work in the Elisabeth Duncan School in 2005 with the Certificate degree as a Duncan Dancer and as a practitioner in Duncan Dance Education issued and signed by Hannelore Schick, the head of the Elisabeth Duncan School until 2008.

Birgit’s further education and trainings in dance were in Ballet, and in various contemporary dance techniques and styles, i.e. placement and release techniques, contact-improvisation, and dance therapy, mainly in the Hasting Studio of Dance in Munich, founded by Margarete Hasting, who was a dancer and assistant of Mary Wigman.

Currently Birgit is in multi-annual Education to become a graduate of the IGRC, the International Society of the dance of Rosalia Chladek, who created a dancing system in the tradition of Emile Jaques-Dalcroze in Hellerau, Dresden. EJD’s work as a musician and founder of the rhythmic gymnastics is in the tradition of the expression-system of Francois Delsarte - the actor who lived in the 19th century in Paris and also inspired Isadora Duncan.

Birgit has performed solos and danced in Companies in Duncan Dance, in the technique of Rosalia Chladek and other styles of contemporary dance.

She lives and dances in Germany, Bavaria near to the alps in the so called ‘Blue Land’ named because of the artists like Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinski, and Franz Marc who lived there in the early 20th century.

She has been teaching Duncan Dance since 2000 in Germany, then Europe and the USA.
In her dancing practice, she is searching for the connections, as well as the differences, between the Elisabeth Duncan technique and the dance practices of other early 20th century European systems. She is also investigating the influences of these early systems on the development of contemporary dance.

Birgit earned her Degree as a psychologist, and studied sociology and educational sciences
at the Ludwig-Maximillian University in Munich, Germany

Academic adviser and lecturer in the department of Developmental Psychology at the Ludwig-Maximillian University in Munich
Focal points of Research and science:
- Theory, Practice and Therapy of the play of children
- Conception of Man in different cultures
- Time, cultures und the experience of presence today
- the experience of presence in dance

Long-term practice in play therapy with children and teens

Current Work
- in Systemic consulting and psychotherapy and as a Hypnotherapist (in the tradition of Milton Erickson)
- as an independent consultant and trainer for executives and teams in companies
- and as an Conducter in Postgraduate trainings and workshops for therapeutic professions and social workers