Alkistis Voulgari

" Travel through Time ", photo by Ypatia Kornarou ©

Alkistis Voulgari was born in Athens. She is an actress and dancer specializing in Isadora Duncan's Dance Technique. The last two years she started her own filming experimentations and performance creations which embody Theatre, Poetry, Literature, Dance, Isadora's choreographies as well as personal choreographies.

One of her highlight live performances, "Travel through Time", was presented at Compartments Dance Festival in Athens, Greece. The experimental short film "Dancing in the Silence” from the "TERRACE PROJECT" - 2020 was hosted at Bibart’s Biennale Internazionale D’ Arte di Bari and since then her films are travelling in several international film festivals. During 2020 she was collaborating with The Museum of Dead Words in Brooklyn / NY - the Online Series, interpreting the word EVIL through the performance "The Fight Within". Her last performance was Σ.Ω.Π.Α. at SOZOPOLIS in Athens.

She works in the film industry since 2006 starting from BBC History Channel, playing Manto Mavrogenous and Venus of Urbino in "El Greco" film directed by Giannis Smaragdis.

Theatre holds a significant part in her life, starting playing on stage since 14 years old. She met many exceptional teachers and co-artists who helped her to deepen her way of expression and experiment on different schools of Art, theatrical genres and dramaturgy.

She is an official member of CID (International Council of Dance - Unesco) since 2018 and also a writer having published her own e – books on the web.

" The Terrace Project " , Improvisations
" Narcissus ", Étude
" The Terrace Project " , Improvisations


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