Hannelore Schick (1937-2008)

Born in 1937 in Frankfurt, Hannelore reopened and ran the Elizabeth Duncan school in the 1980s.

1950: She started with Duncan dance at Reichersbeuern (Bavaria), a well-known boarding school with a modern pedagogical draft to which Duncan dance belonged. Hannelore`s first Duncan teacher was Helga Handke.
1954-1963: Lessons in Duncan dance near Munich and summer courses with Gertrud Drück (1895-1968) and Max Merz (1874-1964)
1959-1971: Lessons with Prof. Bernhard Wosien, Munich: classical ballet, folk dances (including Greek dances), courtly dances, “Blow-up” beat dances
1963-1966: Physical training to become “teacher of gymnastics” (School of Else Lang-Geiger, Munich)
Since 1963: Hannelore started teaching dance as an assistant of B. Wosien and also with courses of her own for girls with psychological problems.
Since 1965: She started teaching dance (classical ballet and folk dances) at the Volkshochschule in Munich (institution for education of adults)
1968/69: Hannelore began to work with children and young people for example at Heckcher Klinik, a hospital for psychiatry in Munich (until 1978).
1973: Founding member of Gajda (Munich), an ensemble which is studying and performing folk dances of south-eastern and eastern Europe
1969-1984: Duncan Dance: Hannelore’s next teachers were Trude Engelhardt (1907-1993) (lessons in Munich) and Jarmila Jerabkova (1912-1989) (summer courses at Duncan School, Prague)
1982: Hannelore starts teaching Duncan dance. She reopended Elizabeth Duncan School in Munich. Hannelore transformed the previous way of teaching Duncan dance she had learned from her teachers. Instead of a less or more “intuitive” way she started to analyze the movements in order to teach them more clearly – to shorten the way for the pupil
1999: She bought rooms for the Elizabeth Duncan School at Belfortstr. 5 in Munich
2008-02-06: Hannelore died at Greifenberg

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