Beethoven — Turkish March, arr. Rubinstein (Polka Study)

This dance/study focuses on the gallop-skip coordination of the polka step which is found in a number of Duncan's dances. The main movement motif is a repeated swinging of the arms in a full arc from back through to the front ending in a vertical lift which serves to amplify the height of the skip. This presents a kinesthetic and visual sensation of falling into the space on the gallop and recovering with flying strength on the skip.

The main rhythmic pattern repeated throughout this boldly energetic work is two polka steps followed by four skips. A large group dances with gathering momentum using circular and serpentine pathways as the polka intensifies. The choreography is adaptable for any number and accommodates various levels as it serves to teach the skills needed to perform more complex works.


Title Date Dancers Full Dance? Notes
Dance Visions NY Youth Company: Children's Repertory 2012 Yes Staged by Beth Jucovy

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