Sheyne — Work Trilogy: Labor / Famine / Labor Triumphant

Hortense Kooluris reconstructed and restaged this dance in 1978. It consists of brief segments: Work Trilogy - Labor; Work Trilogy - Famine, and Work Trilogy - Labor Triumphant. Dance movements imitate various actions used in cutting wood. (from Nahumck, Nadia Chilkovsky. Isadora Duncan: The Dances. Washington DC: The National Museum of Women in the Arts, 1994 p. 224).


Title Date Dancers Full Dance? Notes
Tribute to Isadora Duncan, Hortense Kooluris and Dancers at the World Trade Center 09/14/1987 Lori Belilove, Jeanne Bresciani, Marilyn Klaus, Hortense Kooluris, Mark Trider, Deborah Monolux and Alexis MacPherson Yes Poet speaks after 'Famine'

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