The Collection of Annah G McCluskey

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Photos, programs and other items related to the career of Duncan dancer Annah G McCluskey.


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Soviet Union Travel
Recital of Older Students
Young Recital Students 1981
Art in the Park Event
2nd Annual Tribute/Recital
3rd Annual Tribute/Recital


Thumbnail Title Featuring Company Date Location
First Annual Tribute/Recital (Young Students) May 28, 1981 Mill Valley, CA
First Annual Tribute/Recital May 28, 1981 Mill Valley, CA
2nd Annual Tribute/Recital to Isadora Duncan Marin School of Isadora Duncan Dance Jun 12, 1982 San Anselmo, CA
Julia Morgan Theatre Performance Isadora Duncan Legacy Dancers Nov 1982 Berkeley, CA
3rd Annual Tribute/Recital Marin School of Isadora Duncan Dance Jun 04, 1983 Tiburon, CA


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Isadora Duncan Legacy Dancers


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Annnouncement of Performance
Mill Valley Center of the Performing Arts