Duncan Congress, Dance Magazine Article 1943 - 1943

From The Collection of Mignon Garland


This article describes in positive terms the first Duncan Congress event held at the New York YMHA. It opened with a performance by Maria Theresa's Helioconades. The following day six Duncan teachers held demonstrations with their students: Carol Rossin and Dorothy McDermid; Ethel Mandell; Kathleen Hinni; Anita Zahn and Rosemarie Beenk; Julia Levien; and Lillian Rosenberg. In the evening performers included Hortense Dolan, Mignon Garland, Julia Levien, Anita Zahn, Rosemarie Beenk, Dorothy McDermid, Kathleen Hinni and Zara Viool. The founding members of the Duncan Congress are listed as: Anita Zahn, Rosemarie Beenk, Julia Levien, Mignon Garland, Hortense Dolan, Lillian Rosenberg, Ethel Mandell, Dorothy McDermid, Josephine Petts, Kathleen Hinni and Maria Theresa Duncan. (As seen in the January 1943 issue of Dance Magazine. Posted with permission from Dance Magazine.) Download pdf for clearer text.

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