Carol Pratl (1959-2006)

Carol Pratl centre - photo by Nicole Robinson

An American student of languages who moved to Paris to learn Russian. She became active in the ex-patriot Parisian writing circles via the Village Voice. Taking many tours to Russia she discovered Musical Movement and invited Duncan Dancers to be involved in learning about Russian Musical Movement Method. In 1990 Carol found the lost Isadora and Irma Duncan pupils in Moscow with Barbara Kane and Vera Belazorovitch. Carol organised the Isadora Duncan Retrospective held in Moscow in 1993.


Duncan, Dorée; Carol Pratl and Cynthia Splatt (eds.) Life Into Art. Isadora Duncan and Her World. Foreword by Agnes de Mille. Text by Cynthia Splatt. W. W. Norton & Company, 1993. ISBN 0-393-03507-7


Isadora Duncan Dance Group (1992—1993)

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