Vera Belazorovitch (b. 1948)

Vera Belazorovitch Ermolova Museum 1990

Born 1948 in a Siberian Labour camp. Vera became a pianist for the Stephanida Rudneva Musical Movement method and studied with Rudneva, Olga Papova, Emma Fisch. Setting up her own Musical Movement School in Moscow 1988. In 1990, along with Carol Pratl and Barbara Kane, Vera began study of Duncan Dance with Maria Mysovskaya and later also with Elena Terentieva (pupils of the Duncan School Moscow). Vera has shared many collaborative performances with Isadora Duncan Dance Group in Moscow,Paris, Cascais and London.

Vera Belzorovitch
Vera Belazorovitch improvisation photo by Andrea Moore


Isadora Duncan Dance Group

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