Pamela De Fina

Pamela De Fina
-member, -CID-UNESCO,
1979- United Nations General Assembly- " Pamela made her debut in Duncan dancing,
with the Maria Theresa and isadora Duncan Heritage Group, as a special protogee of Maria Theresa Duncan.Program. Studied privately with Maria Theresa, after the company dissolved, until 1987. Videos held at Lincoln Center Library, and world cat, " Spiral of Life", and Marche Funebre and Presto, Les Funeraille by Franz Lizst.
Beethovens # 7 Symphony, Allegretto, taught by Maria Theresa privately.
1983- Sorbonne Uviv., Paris, Fr., " International Conference de Dance". Performed with Madeleine Lytton.
1984- Performed and taught IDDance., Lannan Museum, PB, and Lake Worth, Fl.
1980's-Santa Barbara City College abroad program in Paris, Fr. at the Int. Univ. Lectured and taught dance. two fall seasons.
Graymoor Fransiscon Friary, NY, Sacred Dance Festival, performed, solos- Allegretto, Beethoven. Marymount College, Tarrytown, performed, solo.
House of the Redeemer, NYC, Library of the Dukes of Urbino, lectured, " Isadora and La Belle Epoche" and performed, Chopins, " Funeral March and Presto, taught to me by Maria Theresa Duncan. Video.
WICE- Paris Fr, Lectured,"Isadora Duncan and La Belle Epoche".!990's.
Riverside Modern Retrospective, NYC, performed with IDCommemerative group.
Society of the Four Arts- 2006, lectured, "Isadora and La Belle Epoche."
2008- Norton Museum of Art, WPB, Fl.-Presented IDDance workshop, revealing the Parallels between the Art Noveau Painters, The Mathews and the dancer, Isadora Duncan.
2008=2012- Mandel Lirary, WPB, Fl. Lectured " La Belle Epoche and Isadora Duncan", and taught dance.
2003- Published, " Maria Theresa Divine Being guided by a Higher Order". Dorrance Pub.
Created CD, "History of an Artist"' Maria Theresa Duncan."2010.
San Marino, It., Unesco event- Presented a paper- The Parallels between Art, Sculpting, Music and Dance.", Sister Arts.!
2013- George Washington Univ., Wash. DC, Isadora Duncan International Symposium, presnted Lecture
" Isadora and La Belle Epoche",

Pamela De Fina holds the collection of Maria-Theresa Duncan, from her son Rano Bourgeois. Anyone interested in seeing or using any of the Collection should contact Pamela.


De Fina, Pamela. Maria Theresa: Divine Being, Guided by a Higher Order. Pittsburgh: Dorrance, 2003. ISBN 0-8059-4960-7


Isadora Duncan Commemorative (Centenary) Dance Company — Dancer (since 1980)

Heritage Dance Company — Dancer (1979—80)


The Collection of Pamela De Fina


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The Collection of Pamela De Fina Spiral of Life 2000

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