Gluck — Ballet Maestoso (Dance of Joy)


Christy Cornell-Pape

This is a short dance that exudes overwhelming and bubbling joy. A group dance, movements include a variation of a welcome jump with a swing step followed by a series of skips, moving forward downstage. This is followed by a series of waltz steps to bring the dancers back to the beginning of the dance. The unique aspect about the waltz step is that the staging and the upper body movements are intended to evoke dancers around the edge of a vase. As the waltz progresses in the lower body, the upper body is curving in around the vase and then alternating to curve outwards along the vase as if the dancers themselves are part of a three-dimensional carving on a Greek vase.

Taught by Christina Fessenden.


Title Date Dancers Full Dance? Notes
Duncan Dancers in Mignon Garland's Studio Class August 1990 1990-08-10 Yes Students of Mignon Garland practicing in class

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