Brahms Opus 39 #13, 11 and 14

Sunday, 23 April 1989


Time Event/Dance Dancers Full Dance?
0:00 Brahms - Waltz in C major, Op. 39, No. 13 (Cymbals)
Ann Cogley, Mary Sano, Janice Blaisdell, Michelle Swanson Yes
1:05 Brahms - Waltz in B minor, Op. 39, No. 11 (Gypsy)
Ann Cogley Yes
3:27 Brahms - Waltz in A minor, Op. 39, No. 14 (Flames of the Heart / Flames / Gypsy)
Mary Sano, Janice Blaisdell, Jane Apostol, Amy Garland Yes

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